“A Star is Born”

Paul and Ashley Scotthorne are extremely proud to announce that at 5:54pm on Tuesday May 6th Londyn Allison Rosemary Scotthorne was born at Victoria General Hospital. Mother and Baby are doing excellent. The baby “Krasher-ette” really wanted to say hi to her mommy for Mothers day. So rather than her expected due date of June 15th , just before Fathers Day Londyn decided to “call FedEX” and drop in 6 weeks early. Every day she is amazing us and up to crazy shenanigans. This little lady melts hearts of Giants and could warm up the arctic. We love her so much and feel truly blessed to be her parents and can not wait to watch her grow!!!

Her big sister Kayla is teaching her the routine of being a princess while her Poppa is already trying to get her to understand the passed 80 years of world history…..she chooses to sleep during these lessons. From what we can tell so far she loves her parents too!!!