“Let’s get ready to Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!”

“Let’s get ready to Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!”

With Spring in full swing it’s the official start of Party season (which actually doesn’t stop again until the first day before next spring lol). Cinco De Mayo just passed and Party Crashers had it covered as usual, and it is very nice to see YYJ Party people embracing the Mexican tradition because it’s a fun one.


With Cinco De Mayo in the rearview we have just built our summer inflatables program and beach type toy display to get people ready for the wet and wild season which is summer in Vic City!!! The Victoria Day long weekend is a good time to get your feet wet and hit a lake or beach.


Our balloon program is now more stocked than ever. We have a huge assortment of “super shape” balloons, mylar balloons for every occasion and even “Air Walkers” which are life size mylar balloons of such characters as “Minions”, “Hello Kitty” and “Elsa from Frozen”. We are also your one stop shop for balloon arrangements at Vancouver Islands best prices……….if Gordy Dodd says we won’t be undersold then it means we won’t hahahaha.


We have been having a lot of fun lately with the creative side of Party Crashers. Paul and the crew at Kiss FM 103.1 have been coming up with some zany ad spots on the air, even recruiting Gordy Dodd of “Dodd’s Furniture” for a guest spot, where he throws down his trademark line….LOOK FOR IT ON KISS!!! We have also been pushing the shop local button and trying to promote supporting small business in Greater Victoria. “Locals help the Local!!!”


And in other news baby Londyn is now over a year old and a Diva!!!

2015 Party Message

2015 Message

Hopefully this festive Christmas season finds all of our loyal crashers customers warm in spirits and surrounded with family and friends. Party Crashers has had a great year, sharpening our skills up for what people want and bringing in unique items that send YYJ faithful shoppers parties over the top!!!

New Year’s Eve is Party Crashers number one event every year and this year is no different. We have a massive selection on party kits for 10-100 people in stock already. We have many hot new décor items and of course the best balloon selection on Vancouver Island. Want to do something off the wall and unique for NY? Come see me for any custom orders because if it can be done we wanna help you do it……and make sure someone’s taking pictures hahahaha

On the agenda for 2015 is the addition of Party Crashers store #2!!! Westshore can’t have all the fun now can they? Lol. Store #3 is also being mulled as well, go big or go home right!!! These kind of expansions aren’t made possible without a great customer base supporting the lime green and purple party palace and I thank you all for that.

As we enter the New Year the hot topics will be the obvious, Mardi Gras and Valentines in February. Party Crashers will have you covered on all bases as we are bringing in a super selection for “bead tossing” Mardis Gras month and will have a massive selection of lovey dovey mylar balloons and smoochie greeting cards to butter up flames and love interests.

Have a safe and warm Christmas season, indulge in chocolates and treats………New Year’s Resolutions are just around the corner!!!

Party Crashers – “Your 100% Local Party & Event experts”

“June…..The Start of Party Season”

“June…..The Start of Party Season”

Saturday,  May 31, 2014

The nights stay lighter longer, the air is warmer and there always seems to be a party going on somewhere. Welcome to the month of June! The smell of peoples BBQ’s seems to run rampant, you can always hear someones music and most schools or fields have a ball game of some sort taking place. Around Party Crashers we like to think of June as the “start your engines” month, where people warm up to party season and in some cases build up there “Party Tolerance” levels hahahahaha.

June is also a month where people are encouraged to make their own events and reasons to party because besides Fathers Day and the Annual Dragon Boat Festival it’s the one month without a major brouhaha taking place worldwide. However this Fathers Day is extra special to the “PTK” because this year will include “Princess Londyn” as she shares her first Daddy Day with us!!!

Around the shop there has been a ton of new items. Headlining the list of course has been the continued landslide of Disneys Frozen, as this animated film has been the megahit of 2014. The “Quack Pack” is here in full force as the Duck Dynasty gang has arrived with many mylar balloons, tableware and camo items. The loom phenomenon has continued as well with youngsters crazy about making bracelets, necklaces and anything “loomy”.

Canada Day stock is rolling in June 3rd and we will have everything you could possible need to hit the inner harbor or host a “Red & White Party” at Victoria’s best prices of course. Shop Local!!! And Listen for our new ad’s on 103.1 Jack Fm!

“A Star is Born”

“A Star is Born”

Paul and Ashley Scotthorne are extremely proud to announce that at 5:54pm on Tuesday May 6th Londyn Allison Rosemary Scotthorne was born at Victoria General Hospital. Mother and Baby are doing excellent. The baby “Krasher-ette” really wanted to say hi to her mommy for Mothers day. So rather than her expected due date of June 15th , just before Fathers Day Londyn decided to “call FedEX” and drop in 6 weeks early. Every day she is amazing us and up to crazy shenanigans. This little lady melts hearts of Giants and could warm up the arctic. We love her so much and feel truly blessed to be her parents and can not wait to watch her grow!!!

Her big sister Kayla is teaching her the routine of being a princess while her Poppa is already trying to get her to understand the passed 80 years of world history…..she chooses to sleep during these lessons. From what we can tell so far she loves her parents too!!!

“May Day …. May Day…SOS…..Need a reason to Party in May”

“May Day …. May Day…SOS…..Need a reason to Party in May”

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

First and foremost if you want to get to know the “Crasher Crew” please check out our website at www.thepartycrashers.ca and read up on the profiles and amazing photos done by local Photographer Natasha Knight, owner of “Photos By Tash”. We definitely had some fun with the profiles….and by “we” of course that means “I” had a lot of fun hahahaha. Luckily for me we have some awesome staff who play along with the shenanigans lol.


Ok back to business. Reasons to party in  the month of May. Birthdays are always plentiful in May as are anniversaries, retirements and people generally getting old so our 40/50/60 section will see a lot of action this month hahahaha. May is also the month to show love to Mah!!! Mothers Day falls on May 11th and Party Crashers has a massive selection of 99 cent and $1.99 greeting cards for mom and of course fabulous and creative balloon bouqets to show mom both appreciation and embarrassment. May also is party time in downtown Vic City as the ever popular “Victoria Day Parade” takes over Douglas Street on May 19th and that means glow sticks and flags to show your pride. We also carry a huge selection of pompoms and skirting to decorate floats and trucks for people looking to take part in the parade as well.

Disneys “Frozen” will also be taking over as the most sought after Party Theme when it breaks down the doors May 1st at Party Crashers. This Movie has been the talk of 2014 for all kids between 2-45 years old with its massive appeal and unique soundtrack. The retro line of Star Wars is back in stock as well, Darth Vadar head piñatas are an all time favorite. Duck Dynasty tableware line rolls in early May as well and is worth buying just for the Uncle Si quotes alone.

Reminder, grad 2014 will be in full effect early June and we have you covered there as well. Tableware, décor, novelty items and of course balloons are all on display for the organized parents.

Finally May also means very important news for me……..Only 43 more days till the expected arrival of “Baby Krasher” as Ashley is set to explode on June 13th and I’m sooooooooooooooo excited to be a dad again. I have watched “Kocked Up”, “Shes Having a Baby” and “What to Expect when your expecting” over and over for the passed 6 months so I am totally good to go!

“Hoppin’ Right along into April”

“Hoppin’ Right along into April”

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

“Hoppin’ Right along into April”
March brought lots of traffic through the shop, lots of familiar faces and even more new ones!!! St. Patricks day as usual was a major event and people in the “YYJ” celebrated hard and Party Crashers was glad to help. I myself even went out on the town and was excited to see lots of our goods and dress up items all over town with many smiling faces……….and a few tipsy ones hahahaha!!!!

Moving into April we celebrate the return of that elusive little bunny and the coming of Spring/Summer. Our Easter program is one of the best we have ever brought in and items are already flying off the shelves. Easter baskets for egg hunts, decorating and dye kits for the creative ones and of course trending décor to make your house or office every bit “Easter-EEE”!

Some awesome new items have arrived as well. Orbz/Cubez/Conez balloons are all the rage right now. These 3D balloons inflate into spheres, cones and cubes and expand to show no visible lines. Lots of great new super shapes such as “Sofia the First” , “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Disneys Cars World” and “Angry Birds” now in stock as well.

Finally………………..Party Crashers will have the hit movie “Frozen” by Disney’s party line including tableware, novelty items and assorted balloons in mylar and latex in stock mid April!!!! This will join other new lines already in place such as “Doc McStuffins” and “Sofia the First”.

Listening to radio at work, home or the car? Tune into 103.1 JACK FM and listen for Party Crashers new “Easter Commercial” and catch “The PTK” along with “Crash Davis” in the first ever radio ad featuring the Party Crasher himself, and has a real Schwarzeneggar and DeVito appeal!!!!

The countdown is also on in regards to the “Baby Crashers” arrival as he/she will bounce into the world early June!!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Excited!!!!

Till next month, make your party go pop @ Party Crashers!!!!