March is known for many things such as “March Madness Basketball”, Daylight Savings changeover”, and Spring Equinox in Canada” however at PARTY CRASHERS it’s the month of GREEN!!! March means unleash your inner Leprechaun and get hopping over the rainbow and head into PARTY CRASHERS for some irish decor, shamrock tableware, and fun dress up items to hit your local bar for a nice “Green Bevy”…However there will be no shenanigans from the trickster orange bearded PARTY CRASHERS so make sure and bring your pot of gold with yah!!

We have a whole barrage of new party lines in stock now as well including: The Avengers, Despicable Me 2, Planes the movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Doc McStuffins and Sophia the First, all at unbeatable prices. A lot of awesome new themes have arrived as well. Looking for a casino theme night? “Place your Bets” is the answer. This Vegas inspired tableware and decor lines very trendy and classy. Our new “80′s Tight N Bright” section is attracting a whole lot of attention, and customers are ” Flocking like Seagulls” and “Wearing sunglasses at night” when they see that see that we have it! (hahahaha) Animal prints are in huge demand and we cater to all requests with Zebra, Cheetah and new Leopard print lines.

I would like to also introduce a couple of new faces to the team as well. If you frequent the shop you will see a beautiful young lady with a creative hand for balloon arrangements working away in the balloon centre, this is the “Party Crashers” daughter Mikayla. The “energizer bunny” you see running around the store and designing amazing end caps and departments is the lead merchandiser Paige aka “Krash the Hobbit”. As alwlaways the one constant at PARTY CRASHERS stores is customer service and that starts and ends wight the front desk. We proudly employ the “King of Customer Service” himself, the big man at the cash register…Greg (Fact: He is very very good at his job). PARTY CRASHERS doesn’t run without the next individual, Dave is the workhorse and the guy that stokes the engine around the store and the guy that keeps the fire lit. Now for the fresh meat…Daelyn is the younger sister of “Krashette Breezy” and is showing a real knack for the party industry. Don’t get this next guy mistaken for anyone else, we now have “The Real Elijah”, often imitated but never duplicated. Last but not least, if you are looking for the most knowledgeable person in the YYJ for “costume play” and dress up debauchery please do not hesitate to pick the brain of this amazingly talented young lady Dayna. Dayna aka” Dayna Baby Lou attends “comic cons” and counts dress up, comics, and retro television shows as her passions and loves to help any eager “Cos-play” fanatics.

On a side note Par Tee Krasher would like to share that in a few short months there will be a “Baby Krasher” joining the family as well as the “Princess of Parties” is 6 months preggo!!!